Pinterest and How to Use it to Your Advantage

If you’ve used Pinterest recently, I don’t have to tell you how addictive it can be. It’s so easy to use, and pinning different ideas, projects, products or topics can be a lot of fun. It’s also a very visually attractive platform. Anyone who likes looking at lots of pictures and seeing high-quality shots of products will usually love using Pinterest.

Pinterest kind of works similarly to Twitter in that they both use a system of followers. Users can follow each other and check up on what they’re working on. It’s an interesting way to make new contacts that have the same interests as you. If you have a business, these Pinterest followers can provide a potential audience for your sales.

Users will start to follow you if they see that you have been pinning images that they also enjoy. You can be a sort of guide to showing other users all kinds of great things. Of course, businesses use this opportunity to show followings all of their amazing products. Each image is a clean representation of an interesting product that the business offers. If you set it up correctly, the image can redirect the viewers to your very own website (where they can buy the product) when it is clicked.

Repins are also important if you want to promote your business on Pinterest. Repins work similarly to how “likes” work on Facebook. A person will repin your images if they are interested in them or want to share them with others. Seeing that you’ve earned yourself a large amount of repins can be a great feeling. It means that people like seeing your work! It can also mean that more people are able to see your products and potentially buy them.

You can get more Pinterest followers and repins in a few simple ways. I’m sure that you’re eager to know how to use Pinterest more effectively to bring more people to your website.

The first thing is this:  Make sure that your business is one that meshes well with the Pinterest community. Let’s face the facts; the majority of Pinterest users are women who are interesting in crafting, fashion, recipes, literature, art or similar subjects. If your business involves something like diesel engine cleaner, then you might be better off marketing on another site. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but keep your target audience in mind while deciding on how to use Pinterest followers to bring more traffic to your website.

Besides that, you have to keep active within the Pinterest community. You can’t just sit there in your own world, posting images of your own products, waiting for something to happen. You have to start communicating with other Pinterest users. Follow other Pinterest users. Comment on work that is related to yours. Don’t spam anyone, but gently talk about how your products relate to theirs. With enough interaction in the community, more people will view your images and therefore are also more likely to view your website.

Check to see who is giving you all of your repins. If you want, you can certainly contact them and thank them. The Pinterest community is generally very open and friendly, so a little appreciation can go a long way. Your Pinterest followers enjoy knowing that you are paying attention to them. Be sure to check out what they are pinning as well.

Keep your Pinterest board clean and elegant. Don’t clutter it up with anything that doesn’t add to your board in a substantial way. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your board should be filled with only your products, but it does mean that you shouldn’t just go pinning everything that you can think of. Your Pinterest followers will appreciate an organized board. Make sure that all of your business images link back to your website where followers can buy your products. If you are pinning something that isn’t entirely you own work, make sure you give credit where it is due.

Although everyone likes to promote their business as much as possible, it’s not a smart decision to just pin your own products all the time. Your Pinterest followers will be able to tell if you don’t actually care about them but only want to push for more sales. Pin other things as well, preferably something that you don’t make any money off of. Your Pinterest followers will see that you are honestly making an effort to post interesting things as well as your own products. For example, if you are selling gardening products, try including some tips about how to keep your flowers looking nice all season long. This kind of advice doesn’t make you any money directly, but it can help alert people that you are in this business because of a genuine love for it.

As you can see, Pinterest followers and repins (the equivalent to Facebook’s “likes”) can be highly advantageous for your business. Have fun with Pinterest! It’s sure to help you out with page traffic in the long run.